The Fine Young Gentleman is Back (on Its 9th Anniversary)

The Fine Young Gentleman is Back (on Its 9th Anniversary)


Gentlemen…… I’m back.

I lost my way. It’s been nearly 2 years since I last posted and it is 9 years to the day, April 4th 2011, that I started The Fine Young Gentleman. I have missed the menswear content game; finding new brands and reviewing brands, opining on style, and all of the other stuff I used to do. I also missed conversing with you guys, the fans and supporters of The Fine Young Gentleman. And pursuing the mission of The Fine Young Gentleman; which is to help guys dress better and become better versions of themselves.

It is clear that you guys find value in the content that I have put out over the years. And I certainly enjoy the work. I do apologize for not giving notice before going MIA for two years. At the same time, I want to thank you guys for the support you have given The Fine Young Gentleman and Jay Butler over the past 9 years. But as I said, I lost my way. So I’m getting back into the game.

What happened? Why did I stop? Why did I not announce that I was taking time off?

Well, I didn’t really plan on taking time off.

But as life sometimes goes, things didn’t quite go according to plan. All of the time I had to put toward The Fine Young Gentleman disappeared, my priorities had to shift. Almost 2 years ago, I moved from Philadelphia to San Francisco to pursue an MBA. I also sold out and worked for the man for some time, as a category manager at one of the large ecommerce companies out here in the Bay Area. Although I was able to keep my beloved loafer and leather goods company, Jay Butler, going, I had no time to keep The Fine Young Gentleman going after my commitments to school, work, Jay Butler and my social life. Something had to give and unfortunately that thing was The Fine Young Gentleman.

With that all said, I’m glad I moved out to San Francisco. And although I loathe driving across the Bay Bridge over to Berkeley a few times a week, I am grateful for the opportunities that I have been afforded with and I am especially grateful for everything that I have learned and how much I have grown in the past 2 years.

I am now fortunate to have some time back on my hands and I am excited to put it toward The Fine Young Gentleman. We are seeing a massive disruption in our daily lives courtesy of Coronavirus and with that comes opportunity. There was an opportunity to add my voice to the menswear dialogue 9 years ago and there is now again an opportunity to do so. But things will be different this time around.

There will be more focus on video and social media while still keeping the written blog going. In addition the scope of content is also going to broaden. Yes, the main focus will remain on men’s clothing and style, but I’m going to bring in subjects like watches, grooming, fitness, food, travel and maybe what it is like to be an MBA student. But it is not all about what I want to talk about. I genuinely want to hear what topics you guys want to discuss and learn about. I’m always open to new topics and if it is one that I find interesting and that I can provide a unique perspective on then I’m game. So please, let me know in the comments of this and any other posts what subjects you want to hear about, I’m all ears.

I very much look forward to continuing the mission of The Fine Young Gentleman. Thank you guys for reading and for your support over the years.



    • The San Francisco climate is a weird one. My apartment, like many in the city, have very inefficient (and costly) heating systems so in order to save money to pay for our extortionately high rents some of us will keep the heat on low.

  1. I had erased this site from many of my bookmarks. But by sheer happenstance I clicked on it by accident in a browser I only use for school. Bam! You are back! Pick up with the assessments of celebrity dress. Perhaps a COVID edition with regards to PPE.

  2. This site was one of the first places I landed when I decided to “be an adult” years back and actually not look like a slob. I check often, and I am very glad to read this post tonight. I hope you and yours are well and glad you’ll be back.