Every action causes a reaction.

I have yet to go through a day of my post collegiate life in which I see more men well dressed than poorly dressed.  I know this issue is not contained to just New York City.  I have spent enough time in Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris and London to obtain a reasonable picture of how men dress in those cities.  I have seen comparable offenses in each city.

American men have not always dressed so poorly.  I often wonder who is to fault for the demise of the well dressed American man.  Is it the man’s fault? Does he not know how to dress well? Does he not care to dress well? Is it his parents fault for teaching him to dress a certain way, or to not dress a certain way? Is it the fashion industry’s fault? If he does not buy his clothes himself, is it the fault of those who buy his clothes for him?  Can he not afford to dress well?  Or is it the fault of male American culture in general?  I believe the answer is the same for all poorly dressed men.  It is a combination of all of these factors that contribute to their deficiencies in dress, fashion and style.  Of these factors, I think the easiest to change is a man’s knowledge.  Without knowledge, ignorance can be bliss for many men.  This bliss is flawed.  The purpose of The Fine Young Gentleman is to provide that knowledge.

The Fine Young Gentleman is a reaction to all of the poorly dressed men out there.

When I decided to tag this blog with the line ‘of matters concerning men’s dress, fashion and style’ I had a specific definition of what the three words ‘dress, fashion and style’ meant.  I think that in order to properly understand what this blog is about and what it stands for one must know what the intended meaning of these three words is.

Dress is the physical elements of fashion and style: how they are worn, how they are made, where they are made, what they are made of.  Fashion and style are two different things.  In the most concise and simple manner I can think of I can describe them as the following: fashion is something you buy, style is something you have.  In more detail, fashion is something you can buy in a store (or online), it is something that is tangible.  Sometimes it is shit, other times it is excellent and elegant.  In contrast, style is something that an individual has, it is part of them; it is intangible.  Style is taking dress and fashion and using it to one’s advantage.  Style is what the great male dressers like Cary Grant, The Duke of Windsor, Fred Astaire, Gary Cooper, Ralph Lauren and Giovanni Agnelli all have and/or had.  Style is the ability to properly match different elements of clothing together.  It is the ability to do this consistently.  It is about knowledge and it is about self awareness.  Most importantly style is the ability to infuse your own personality into your wardrobe and what you wear in a tasteful and expressive manner.  Style is part of who you are.

Style aside, you will often see mention of certain brands and products.  I vow to you, my readers, that there will be no blurring of the line on The Fine Young Gentleman.  Whenever I receive material compensation from a brand I will make note of it.  Only brands that consent to having it stated that compensation was received will be worked with.  There will be many times in which I enthusiastically endorse or denounce a product or brand, I will often find it prudent to make note that no compensation was received from a brand or its competitors for favorable or unfavorable words.  I will also only work with brands that accept the fact that I will give an honest review of their products and brands, this point will be made to brands in an upfront and honest manner.  The good, the bad and the ugly will all be shared.  For it is not only good to know what is good, but also what is not good about something.  An unbiased opinion shall be formed and stated.  It is only fair for you, the readers, for it to be this way.  I believe that if a brand is not okay with the possibility of unfavorable words about its products than it does not belong on The Fine Young Gentleman, but more importantly it shows that the brand is not confident enough in its products to deserve mention on The Fine Young Gentleman.

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Justin L Jeffers


  1. Hey man, dont forget that trend can be the nail in the coffin! Warning men to avoid trend in all matters of fashion and art i.e. music, painting,etc. is i think another angle you can explore. Just a suggestion as i have worked in the fashion and music business for many years and as you well know they kind of go hand and hand.

  2. Dear Fine Young Gentleman,

    You may not know who I am but I met you (not really) in person during an all day thing at work this Wednesday. I was quite impressed by your outfit. Very cute. So I just found out you have a blog because my friend is sitting in your desk. Congratulations. This blog is amazing.

  3. Just to follow-up on Daniela’s comment, I also want to tell you that this is a great blog! I will definitely pass it on to my guy friends! Daniela and I think you bring GLAM to our company. Great work!

  4. Great site. I have a question? Should the shirt sleeve length be measured at the knuckle or past the knuckle? Should the white of the cuff be showing when the arms are at the side of body or at all times?