How To Dress For A Music Festival (But Not For Real Life)

How To Dress For A Music Festival (But Not For Real Life)


Some of my friends are all about the music fest stuff.  It’s not totally my scene, as you can imagine.  You know, that whole dirty tie dye hippie smoking pot and blowing lines in public scene isn’t really for me.  But a friends band was playing Peach Fest last Friday so I wanted to go support them, I am glad I went.  My friends had a great set and I got some great material for the blog.  My eyes may be scarred for life from some of what I saw, the fact that some people would go in public like this baffles me, but I guess that is the costume that is expected at events like this.  Everyone I met and talked to was really nice, which is more than I can say for some other concerts I have been to.  So I am not knocking any of the people as people, but their clothing selections.  I can’t even.

But anyway, I guess take this as an unofficial guide as to how to dress for a music festival.

I have often wondered how brands like Teva have managed to stay in business.  That was at least until I got to Peach Fest.  I think the crowd there has single handedly kept Teva in business for the past decade.

2014-08-01 04.12.24   2014-08-01 04.12.29 2014-08-01 04.12.41 2014-08-01 06.22.35

And then my man is rocking tie dye socks with Birkenstocks.  GET ON HIS LEVEL.  So on trend.

2014-08-01 04.16.46

But really, get on his level.  Don’t you want some of what he’s on?

2014-08-01 03.42.31

All ages were welcome…

2014-08-01 03.23.37 2014-08-01 07.13.22

2014-08-01 05.23.38

Questionable family values?

2014-08-01 02.52.14

You could even bring your own ‘pet’

2014-08-01 03.49.42

And then there were dreadlocks for days…

2014-08-01 02.59.56

2014-08-01 13.51.48

I’m pretty sure these two shared a womb at some point…  If not, at least a fat blunt.

2014-08-01 05.26.58 2014-08-01 05.36.19

And there were activities.  Like this hippie tripping hoola hoop shit.

2014-08-01 08.29.48  2014-08-01 08.50.33

I haven’t seen Devil’s Sticks since ’95.  And those patchwork cargo pants have given me at least 2 nightmares since last Friday.

2014-08-01 05.36.53

In case anyone got hurt doing ‘activities’ EMS, fire and Police were on hand en masse.  As a sidenote, my ambulance company needs to acquire these toys asap.

2014-08-01 02.50.00 2014-08-01 03.16.19

There was some unwritten rule that you could only bring a GoPro if it was on a decorated staff.

2014-08-01 05.29.00

Of you could just bring a staff, because why not?  (PS – that’s how I dressed for the festival)

2014-08-01 13.38.06

If Marylyn Manson and Boy George had a kid, that cane toting kid would be it.  Buzz, your girlfriend, woof.

2014-08-01 05.20.55

The head wear on display was something worthy of noting.

2014-08-01 07.34.29 2014-08-01 07.07.08 2014-08-01 07.03.01

Have I ever told you that wearing a snow hat/beanie in the summer/warm weather is one of my least favorite looks.  Of all time.  It is up there with square toed shoes.

2014-08-01 07.22.15

I hear tie dye is a lot cooler when you are on a lot of drugs…

2014-08-01 03.40.28 2014-08-01 06.39.29 2014-08-01 06.46.07

It even gives you wings.  Who needs Red Bull now!!!!??!?

2014-08-01 05.57.54

My man is killing the Rocky game.

2014-08-01 03.41.26

There was this really cool gong set up that they called the ‘Spaceship.’  I was told that the gongs were on the frequencies of all of the planets.  Obviously, I had to try it out.  It was actually really really cool.  It made me feel like I do at the end of a yoga practice – head tingling and all.

2014-08-01 13.08.19

It is debatable what some of the people actually went to Peach Fest for.  I went for the music, which there was actually a lot of.  A lot of really good music.  I in particular came to support my friends from Flight School.  Seeing Boombox, JJ Grey & Mofro, Tedeschi Trucks Band and Trey Anastasio band was also awesome.  JJ Grey is one of my favorite artists and he always puts on a great show.  Derek Trucks is perhaps the most accomplished and talented guitarist of our time, this was my first time seeing him play, and hopefully not the last.  Trey had a strong set, but his encore performance of Black Dog (the version that night was much better than any of the videos I could find) was an amazing finish to the night.

2014-08-01 03.35.40 2014-08-01 03.23.54 2014-08-01 03.38.04 2014-08-01 05.27.36 2014-08-01 08.37.09 2014-08-01 09.10.31  2014-08-01 08.10.10

I am glad to say that my night did not end like this.

2014-08-01 12.55.25

2014-08-01 09.32.42

Party on Wayne.  Party on Garth.



  1. Wow. Talk about scarred retinas. Hey, new to reading your blog but just have to point out that a little proof-reading goes a long way.

    “But a friends band was playing Peach Fest last Friday so I wanted to go support them, I am glad I went. ”

    Would look so much more gentlemanly if it were punctuated thus:

    But a friend’s band was playing Peach Fest last Friday so I wanted to go support them; I am glad I went.

    Not to mention that “I can’t even.” seems to have lost a word or two along the way. 😉


  2. Sounds like you had fun, even if you spent half the time mocking people.

    On a related note. How DO you dress for festivals and parties? I have been very busy upping my dress game the past few months and this is a real roadblock especially when it comes to shoes. It’s a tragedy to bring your nice shoes only to have them soaked in beer and trampled on. But at the same time you don’t want to wear something cheap that destroys the look.

    • Tristan,
      I did have a great time. And even though I did spend a fair amount of time mocking the dress of many of the people there I did have a nice time meeting some of the people, listening to the music and taking the whole event in. You will see in one of the photos how I dressed – khakis shorts, blue button up shirt and mustard colored fleece pull over. Are you referring to dress shoes or casual shoes? I am starting a casual shoe brand (think penny loafers, drivers, boat shoes), the shoes will look good, wear well and not be so expensive as to break the bank (around $150). Should launch by November, it is called Jay Butler.

  3. I think the patchwork cargos are called “go to hell” cargo pants.

    Maybe he was just being metaironic?

  4. A gentleman does not take photos of strangers, put them on the net, and mock their appearance, claiming it will damage his eyes.

    Clothing is a language; neckties, buttons that aren’t to be buttoned, shirt sleeves that stick out past jacket cuffs, these things are every bit as ridiculous as fuzzy hats.

    Teva revolutionized outdoor footwear because their product does things that no garment before them could do; they are far more impressive than trouser side adjusters (though adjusters are very under-appreciated) or anything that has happened to shirt collars since they stopped being detachable. If you are so obtuse as to mock an invention of such significance while trying to promote yourself as a clothing expert, a shoe manufacturer no less, you’re of about as much use as a music blogger who thinks that everything besides opera is worthless.