The Beckett Simonon Shoe Review, 2.0

The Beckett Simonon Shoe Review, 2.0


Beckett Simonon has been on the radar for almost five years now. Initially launching in mid-late 2012, I reviewed them in early 2014. However, since that time the brand has effectively re-launched. Which means it is time to do another review of Beckett Simonon’s shoes.

Founded by Andres Nino and Nicholas Hurtado in 2012, Becket Simonon (link) was originally based in Colombia. Its supply chain was also mostly based in South America with some production in India. However, I believe that Andres and Nicholas were not always happy with the finished products they received. So when they relaunched the brand, they moved most their supply chain to Europe (they still make many of their leather goods in Colombia). Beckett Simonon’s shoes are now made in Portugal and much of the leather comes from France and Italy.  In fact, they own their own factory in Portugal which gives them great control over how and when their products are made, which is quite beneficial.

If you are the type of guy would would rather watch than read, please view the video below in which I discuss and review Beckett Simonon’s Durant adelaide oxford (please subscribe to the YouTube channel!).  Although the discussion is similar to what I say in this post, there are some differences and further detail in the video.

In my first review of Beckett Simonon I discussed a pair of chukka boots and a leather duffel bag. I did not give the shoes the most positive review, for good reason. However, I did give the bag high marks. Before moving further with this review I should note that what Beckett Simonon was producing then and what they are producing now are very different products. The prices are now almost twice as much, but the quality is much more substantial. The value proposition is much better and the increase in price is justified.

On hand, I have a pair of tan calfskin Durant adelaide oxfords, which are priced at $199.  The ‘adelaide’ designations comes from the ‘U’ shaped broguing around the laces.  Even if there was just stitching and not broguing there, the model would still be considered an adelaide.

The Durants were offered back in November of 2016 and are also back on offer for the month of July.  Different than most brands, Beckett Simonon does not hold inventory.  All of the shoes and goods they sell are made on a monthly pre-order basis.  By that I mean they will offer a number of shoes for the month of July, take orders for those shoes throughout the month and then have the shoes made.  8-12 weeks after the close of the month the shoes will deliver.  Shoes ordered in July will deliver in October.  The process then begins again at the beginning of the next month.

Understandably, this business model is not for everyone.  Sometimes you need a pair of shoes in eight days, not eight weeks.  However, if you are able and willing to wait, your patience will be rewarded with some great shoes.  It is also important to note that this allows Beckett Simonon to order from its factories only what is ordered by customers, cutting down on materials waste and inventory risk.  In other words, it helps them keeps their prices low.  It is all about trade-offs.

As you can see in the above photos, the shoe is well made.  The stitching on the upper is consistent and clean, as is the stitching on the sole (which is Blake welted and resolable).  The leather itself is also very nice, sourced from Italy I believe.  Although not photographed and featured here, I have worn the shoes a number of times and the leather is wearing well; I have no doubt the uppers could last for years if properly cared for.  The lining leather is a very nice Vachetta leather, which is soft wearing and makes for a good lining leather.

The last is of good shape, not too pointy and not too voluminous.  Leaving an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable shoe.  It is really just a great last.  The shoe is easy to dress up or down.  Take for instance, the two below looks.  In the first we have a more casual look.  White jeans, a navy turtleneck (with an oxford cloth button up underneath) all under a brown Capybara (think Rodents Of Unusual Size from Princess Bride) motorcycle jacket.

In the second look we have a more formal look.  A navy suit with a blue shirt worn open collared.  The Durants hold their own equally well with both looks.The Beckett Simonon of 2017 is very different than the Beckett Simonon of 2014.  The products and value offered of the newer version are certainly superior to those of the previous version.  In fact, for the money, Beckett Simonon is amongst the top in its class.  The mix of style, quality and price is very strong.  The only knock I give them is that you have to wait a number of weeks before getting the shoes; you can’t have them simply delivered within a few days.  But like I said before, it is all about trade offs so if you have time on your side, you are certainly in luck.  The Durant has been a great shoe for me over the past few months and I plan for it to continue to be so.  If you have experience of your own with Beckett Simonon or have questions/comments, please hit up the comments section.  Thank you for reading.



Note: FYGblog was compensated for the production of this post.  However, the utmost care was taken to maintain an unbiased and objective opinion of the brand and products at hand.






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