PROJECT Menswear Show, NY

PROJECT Menswear Show, NY


This winter’s PROJECT show was certainly a solid showing or brands who gravitate toward the more trendy and contemporary side of things, which is not what is often discussed here.  But there were also some more traditional and simple things as well.  I found some very interesting brands and articles on both sides of the spectrum.  Some of my favorites are below.  Keep in mind that these products are meant for fall/winter 2013, so it is likely some of the items will not be hitting stores until late summer.

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Justin L Jeffers


The Generic Man shoes were one of the first booths I stopped at.  I particularly liked the simplicity of the designs and high quality materials and construction.  That said, if I was in the market for some very nice sneakers these would probably be my go-to.

generic man sneakersgeneric man shoes

Bucketfeet was one of the many brands that I have never heard of at PROJECT.  The brand has two models of shoes and it lets artists design the shoes.  I suppose you could say its like open sourced footwear, except both Bucketfeet and the artists make a little money.  A really cool concept.

bucketfeet shoes bucketfeet sneakers bucketfeet shoes

Wewood watches was one of my favorite booths.  The idea of a watch made out of wood is fascinating to me.  They have a few models in a few different colorways.  The burgundy diver style watch (3rd below) was my favorite.

wewood watch wewood watches wewood wood watch

Wolverine had some solid mens boots and shoes on display but I kinda have a thing for women wearing shoes that are derived from mens shoe styles.  Like this wedge that harkens to a jodphur boot.

wolverine womens shoe

Atelier Clothing is yet another brand I had not heard of.  Most of the product line up is driving shoes, quite well styled ones if I may say so.

atelier shoes atelier camo driving shoes red suede driving shoes

Hvrminn is a custom suit outfit that is a few years old.  They just launched their first off the rack collection with very retro styling.  I think this was the only brand who offered tailored garments at PROJECT.

hvrminn suits hvrminn suits

Etxeberria was the most aggresive and contemporary brand I saw at PROJECT.  It was also one of my favorites.  Totally out of the realm of something I would normally wear but really cool stuff.  The brand is based in Spain and was showing its outerwear which works mostly with fur, which is admittedly my obsession this season.  The designer is acting as a model here, I spoke with him briefly and he was a very nice guy, clearly some interesting ideas coming from that mind.




etxeberria clothes etxeberria clothes etxeberria jackets etxeberria jackets

There was a small section of the show that had a few craftsmen and artisans making goods.  I forget what the name of these guys were but they were making belts.

project show craftsman project show craftsman

Ever wondered what those ridiculous but badass sunglasses were that you see some of the old school hip-hop royalty wearing?  Well, Cazal would be that name.  Added to the acquisition list; just because.

Cazul sunglasses Cazul sunglasses

One of my obsessions that I do not talk nearly enough about is corduroy.  Paperbacks had the rainbow of colors of corduroy shorts, intriguing.

paperbacks corduroy shorts IMG_9012

At the top of my acquisition list of things I saw at PROJECT is a pair of these light up shoes from Vlado.  Why?  You may ask.  Because they are just that ridiculous and they will be excellent to wear while doing deadlifts in the gym.  These are like LA Lights on steroids.

Vlado light up sneakers

I do not remember the name of this company, I thought it was simply called ‘Shirt,’ but I cannot find any information I had from them.  Either way, some pretty interesting and cool linen shirts.

linen shirt linen shirt embroidery

Nobis is a brand out of Canada.  It’s cold as hell up there so the brand naturally specializes in all sorts of cold fighting gear.  The fur hats were my favorite but the parka with magnetic closure (3rd photo down) was quite interesting.

nobis knit hat nobis fur hat nobis magnetic jacket

Walk Over shoes has their production in Pennsylvania, which given I’m from Philadelphia I appreciate.  The shoes are pretty simple and classic with a few twists and turns added like the velvet on the derby below.

walk over shoes walk over shoes walk over wing tip

Del Toro was one of the more well known brands at PROJECT.  I had stopped at their store in Miami a few weeks prior to the show, which I will be covering in more depth soon, but it was good to see an expanded range at PROJECT.  Yes, those are horse hair driving shoes.

del toro slipper del toro driving shoe del toro tie dye chukka

I have been seeing Will Leather Goods products around for a few years, however, I did not know their line was so extensive.   I focused on some of the larger bags but there was much more to be seen, great stuff.

will bags indian print bags will leather goods

Bickley & Mitchell was my last stop at PROJECT.  I have a thing for heavy knits and Bickley & Mitchell has a lot of them in scarf and hat form.

Bickley and Mitchell scarf Bickley and Mitchell

 Note: FYGblog did not receive any form of material compensation from PROJECT or any of the brands at the show.


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