Lilly Pulitzer Suspenders Are Back!

Lilly Pulitzer Suspenders Are Back!

lilly pulitzer suspenders

Alas, they have returned. And by they I mean Lilly Pulitzer suspenders. After a two or so year hiatus from my suspender (or braces if you prefer) project I finally got my shit together and had another batch made up. These are perhaps the most glorious ones yet.

There are two fabrics on offer; both from Lilly Pulitzer. The first is Lilly’s Multi State patchwork in a cotton poplin and the second is a swirly looking one, which I am unsure of the name for, but it is also of cotton but has a textured weave to it.  Both make for great suspenders and both will catch favorable eyes from the female set; especially when worn with a tuxedo or dinner jacket.

lilly pulitzer mens suspenders lilly pulitzer braces lilly pulitzer pink and green suspendersEach pair is made with silver colored hardware and white braided ends, which allows them to seamlessly go with any color shoe. The ends will only take to buttons, these are NOT clip on suspenders. And I will NOT switch out the ends for clip on ends.

Each pair of suspenders is handmade in New York City. On Manhattan to be exact. Because of the unique nature of the fabric no two pair will be alike, although each pair made from each fabric will be similar. That said, please understand that there may be variation in the pattern between the pairs in the photos you see here and the pair you receive. The suspenders will fit men up to 6’3”. Supplies will last until all are sold.

lilly pulitzer mens braces lilly pulitzer multi state fabric suspenders lilly pulitzer multi state patchwork fabric suspendersThe cost per pair is $95, which includes shipping within the U.S.. For international orders the cost is $120, which also includes shipping. For two pair the price is $175 and $220, respectively. Payment is accepted via cash and PayPal and must be paid before the suspenders are shipped to you. For any inquiries or orders please send me an email at [email protected]. I hope you like this edition of the suspender project. Any comments, please sound off below.



  1. I love my pair from the first run! For the record, those fit me at 6’6″. Are these not a part of Jay Butler?