Jay Wright: How To Dress Like A Champion

Jay Wright: How To Dress Like A Champion

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It has long not been a secret that Jay Wright is one of, if not the best dressed coach in college basketball.  Alas, it can now not be argued that he is now regarded as one of, if not the best coach in college basketball right now.

The fit of his suits is always on point.  His pattern selection and matching is exceptional.  And his confidence is unwavering whilst he maintains a humble and charismatic attitude.  Coach Wright’s look for last night’s championship game was exemplary of all of this.  It was as good as his teams playing.  So all of you ‘Nova fans may wonder, how can you get the look.  You know, for when you have to dress for those biggest of days in your life or you just feel the need to dress like a champion.  I’m going to help break things down for you.

The suit: Coach Wright is a man of sartorial wisdom.  Word on the street is that he gets many of his suits custom made.  I believe from Gabriele D’Annunzio in Newtown Square, but I could be wrong.  The suit of the night was an elegant navy blue with a widely spaced and very thick grey chalk stripe.  It is a beautiful fabric that Jay Wright kills it in.  This is not the first time he has worn it, it seems to be one of his favorites.  Unfortunately for us, this type of pattern is actually pretty had to find.  Pinstripes and chalk stripes are pretty easy to find, but thick chalk stripes like this, not so much.  Which is some supporting evidence to the custom nature of the suit.  Want something similar, check these options at Oliver Wicks, Knot Standard and SuitSupply.  If any of you know of a place that offers a closer approximation of the fabric, please feel free to post in the comments.

jay wright press confrence - how to dress like jay wrightThe shirt: oftentimes Wright favors patterned shirts, stripes in particular, which accentuate his tall and athletic build.  last night’s was a grey and lavender striped shirt.  Which compliments the colors of his suit and his complexion well.  The collar is of a medium spread and the pocket is rather unique, which leads me to think the shirt is also custom.  Find similar offerings at Nordstrom, Cottonwork or Brooks Brothers.

The tie: a purple patterned tie, classic Wright.  Check The Tie Bar or Brooks Brothers.

The tie bar: I’m going to let the placement of the tie bar, which is too high, pass; because Coach Wright is currently infallible.  Although, he, like he said of his players today, is not perfect.  Anyway, it is a simple silver colored tie bar which you can snag from places like The Tie Bar or Paul Stuart.

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The shoes: little known fact, Jay Wright owns a few pair of Jay Butlers.  Although he sadly hasn’t worked them into this look the black bit loafers he has would work with it.  Instead, he went for a more formal option and donned a pair of what look to be dressy pair of black derbies.  Look to Jack Erwin, Herring or Corthay (via Leffot).

jay wright and rollie massiminoThe pocket square: the man knows his stuff.  He’s wearing three patterns, adding a fourth via a pocket square would very likely be overkill.  So he keeps it as classic and simple as it gets and opts for a simple folded white linen pocket square.  Find something similar at Fort Belvedere.

Put up your V’s.


Note: Although I am an alumnus of Villanova, this post is not biased at all… NOT.


  1. Justin –

    Good breakdown of the outfit. We have plenty of options for the wider chalk stripes in our fabric books at Henry Davidsen. Up until April 21st, if you donate a gently used suit for charity, we’ll also give 15% off a new one. It’s a Win/Win/Win!

  2. Justin,
    Before I go off to law school in the fall my father suggested I pick up a few suits and “big boy” clothes. Seeing as how my “big boy” clothes are very limited, I am going to take his advice. However, I don’t really know where to start and I would much prefer fashion advice from you as opposed to my father.


  3. Hi Justin
    This is a fantastic break down of the outfit and how well it can match up!
    My favorite part was about the pocket square and how the tie bar placement is looking too high.
    We have fantastic tie bars and a beautiful Tie Collection of Luxury Ties, Luxury Bow ties, Watches and Belts.

    Check it out to see if our unique products for the modern gentlemen, are something you find interesting!

    • Ricardo,
      Thanks. If I’m to be honest, I’d recommend to my readers to not wear Hexties, not for lack of quality, but for the style. To be honest, Hexties are ugly and flatter no man. Sorry to be a grinch but part of the purpose of this blog is to steer guys away from purchasing things in poor taste.