How To Wear A Black Suit: Don’t Wear One

How To Wear A Black Suit: Don’t Wear One


A black suit is a go to look for a lot of guys even though it shouldn’t be. But why? A few reasons: contrast and coloring, context, tradition and its association with mourning. I’m not saying there is never a place for the black suit, there is. But for most guys and for most of the time, there are better options.

Watch the video to learn how to wear a black suit and more importantly, why you should not wear a black suit outside of a few specific occasions.  Or better yet, read my full write up on the subject over at The Kavalier.

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  1. Bravo, this piece was long overdue. It’s not only the black suit, it’s black dress belts and shoes with blue jeans and black parkas, and black everything as a default. Gross. Black tie, a black knit or grenadine necktie and a black cashmere sweater. Outside of those items, I can brook few reasons to ever wear black. Even Gucci loafers I detest in black. I’m with you, kiddo. Steer clear!

  2. I cannot take someone with a man bun seriously discussing how a black suit is inappropriate. It’s oxymoronic.